Bright Line

The Bright Line was constructed as a branch from the previously constructed line to Beechworth, with the Bright Line branching at Everton. The line followed the Ovens Valley initially as far as Myrtleford and later extended to Bright. The line carried a variety of traffic and in later years carried many tourists to Mount Buffalo where the railways owned a chalet. The Line closed in the 1980s initially between Bright and Myrtleford and eventually all the way back to the junction at Bowser (The Beechworth Line from Everton having been dismantled earlier). During the late 1990s the line has been converted into a rail trail and is very popular with cyclists. The Murray to Mountains website contains further information about the rail trail. The station at Bright is maintained as a museum.


Londrigan Station

Tarrawingee Station

Everton Station

Brookfield Station

Bowman Station

Myrtleford Station

Eurobin Station

Bright Station