Carpolac Line

The Carpolac Line served a number of grain silos in the Wimmera district of Victoria. The line closed in stages during the 1980s with the section between the junction to East Natimuk and Horsham being the last to close. There is a possibility the section of the line between Horsham and Mount Arapiles may be converted into a rail trail to increase the number of tourists to the mountain. A bus interchange has been built over the permanent way for a school near Horsham. Although the tracks have been removed the premanent way between Horsham and the junction at East Natimuk is yet to be transferred from VicTrack as there is a remote possibility the line may reopen in the future to serve mineral sands traffic.


Remlaw Station

Vectis Station

Quantong Station

East Natimuk Station

Natimuk Station

Mitre Station

Gymbowen Station

Goroke Station

Mortat Station

Carpolac Station


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