Cudgewa Line

The Cudgewa Line branched off the main Melbourne to Sydney Line at Wodonga. Used initially for timber and agriculture the line became an important part of the construction of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric scheme after the Second World War. The line was also used to serve the Bonegilla Army Camp which was later used as accomodation for immigrants.

As part of the Snowy Mountains project it was necessary to divert the line around the old town of Tallangatta as the water level would flood the old railway alignment. A brand new station was built at the relocated township of Tallangatta.

With the exception of a short section of the railway to a freight yard at Bandianna, the Cudgewa Railway has now been closed with the tracks removed. The line is being slowly converted into a rail trail. The remaining section to Bandiana was originally broad gauge and later became standard gauge after the standard gauge link was built into Victora. Although the line still remains dual gauge, the broad gauge track is no longer connected at Wodonga.


Bandiana Station

Bonegilla Station

Huon Station

Tallangatta Station

Koetong Station

Shelly Station

Cudgewa Station


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