Daylesford Line

The line from Carlsruhe to Daylesford was one of the one of two branch lines which ran to Daylesford, with another line running from North Creswick. The Carlruhe route existed for a longer time period, closing in the late 1970s along with a number of other Victorian branch lines. However, all was not lost for the Daylesford Line following closure with the Central Highlands Tourist Railway taking over part of the track in the early 1980s.

Although most of the track was dismantled, the section between Daylesford and a few hundred metres on the UP side of Bullarto remained in-situ and has slowly been restored by CHTR. Initially CHTR began running tourist services a short distance into the Wombat Forest from Daylesford, eventually reaching Musk in the early 1990s and Bullarto in the late 1990s. CHTR have recently changed their name to Daylesford Spa Country Railway and currently run rail motor tourist services between Daylesford and Bullarto.

In addition to the tourist operation based at Daylesford a short section of track has also been retained in the vicinity of Trentham Station where a small amount of rollingstock is kept. Rumours have circulated in the past that there are plans to link the two sections of track.


Tylden Station

Fern Hill Station

Trentham Station

Lyonville Station


Musk Station

Daylesford Station


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