Inner Circle Line

The Inner Circle Railway formed part of the original route to Whittlesea and Hurstbridge, providing a connection between Royal Park and Clifton Hill. When a direct route between Clifton Hill and Princes Bridge was provided via Collingwood and North Richmond, the Inner Circle route became less desirable for passengers due to the circuitous nature of the route. While some Whittlesea services continued to run via the Inner Circle route, the line became less well used particularly for passenger trains.

The line was at one stage electrified with double track and contained a number of closely spaced level crossings controlled by gates. In its later life the line reverted to single track with the overhead removed and the crossings operated by flagmen.

The connection through to the Whittlesea Line was removed in the 1960s but the remainder of the Line between Royal Park and North Fitzroy continued to be used to serve a briquette siding on a short branch to Fitzroy. The line was eventually closed in the early 1980s and the route was converted into a bicycle track. Some sections of track remain at level crossings and in the former yard at North Fitzroy. High voltage power lines also highlight the former rail route.


North Carlton Station

North Fitzroy Station