Despite being closed for over 20 years both the platform and goods shed still remain at Koondrook. The small station building is located in the median of the main street through the town and there are a number of carriages which sit at the platform. A large goods shed remains on the DOWN side of the station near the Murray River. Sections of track remain near both the station building and goods shed.


Track between station building and goods shed looking UP towards station

Koondrook Station looking UP

Koondrook Station looking UP from DOWN end

Looking UP along Koondrook platform

Koondrook waiting room

Looking DOWN along Koondrook platform

Koondrook Station looking DOWN

Rollingstock at Koondrook Station

Back of Koondrook Station

Koondrook goods shed looking DOWN

Looking DOWN adjacent to goods shed

Koondrook goods shed looking UP

View of goods shed from Murray River

UP end of Koondrook goods shed looking DOWN

Front of Koondrook goods shed looking DOWN

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