Mornington Line

The railway to Mornington opened as a branch line from the line to Stony Point. Stations at Mornington and Moorooduc were the original stations on the line, with some other locations served by rail motor stopping places. Although Mornington has always been a popular holiday destination, the passenger rail service was never particularly well utilised due to the relatively indirect route of the railway via Baxter.

Over the course of time, the passenger serves were suspended and restored on several occasionals until finally during the early 1980s the line was closed for good. Soon after the line was closed the Mornington Railway Preservation Society (MRPS) was formed and took over the section of track between the Yullies Road level crossing and the main line junction at Baxter. The line remained disused throughout the latter part of the 1980s with the section on the down side of Yullies Road sold off for housing and other uses. This part of the track was dismantled and crossings were removed with a shopping mall constructed on the site of the old Mornington Station during the late 1990s.

During the 1980s the level crossing at Moorooduc Highway was removed as part of the highway duplication project. Much to the embarrassment of the road authority the crossing had to later be reinstated when it became clear that MRPS intended to commence running tourist trains over their section of the line. During the late 1990s a large amount of restored heritage rolling stock was transferred by rail from where it had been stored at HMAS Cerbrus to the former station yard at Moorooduc. Since shortly after this time MRPS have been running tourist trains at regular intervals from Moorooduc Station towards Mornington. Today these services run to a newly constructed platform at Yullies Road near the site of the former Stopping Place 16. It is intended that services will run between Moorooduc and Baxter at some time in the future when this section of track is restored.


Moorooduc Station

Tanti Park Station

Narambi Station

Stopping Place 16

Mornington Station



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