Until recently Drouin Station contained a large red brick station building. However the building was plastered over in 2006 and refurbished as part of the Parkway program to attract park and ride commuters who travel towards Melbourne.

The former yard area is now a large carpark. The station is manned during peak times with an indoor waiting area.


Entrance to Drouin Station (2003)

Former goods area in front of station (2003)

Drouin Station looking UP (2003)

Closeup of Drouin Station building looking UP (2003)

Ramp leading up to station (2003)

DOWN platform looking DOWN (2003)

DOWN platform looking DOWN (2003)

Looking UP from UP end of station (2003)

Looking DOWN from DOWN end of station (2003)

DOWN platform looking UP (2003)

Looking UP from DOWN end of station (2003)

UP platform looking UP (2003)

UP platform looking DOWN (2003)

Overpass at DOWN end of station (2003)

Upgraded station building looking Up (2007)

Upgraded station building looking Down (2007)

Entrance to station (2007)

Up platform looking Down (2007)

Up platform looking Down (2007)

Down end of station looking Down

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