General Motors

General Motors station is the most recent station to close on the suburban rail network which occurred during 2002. The station was originally built to serve an adjacent Holden car factory, with a dedicated access provided through a gate from a pedestrian overpass. The station is located in the middle of an industrial area however there is no access provided to the general public. Although the car factory closed during the 1990s, amazingly the station remained in use with only a couple of trains stopping their each day to coincide with the former changes of shift. Records showed that up to 11 people per day continued to use the station, despite the gate to the former facotry being locked and no other public access provided. The station buildings, pedestrian overpass and former signal box remian in place hoever are no longer in use.


Passenger shelter on UP platform

General Motors looking DOWN

Signal box on DOWN platform looking DOWN

DOWN platform looking DOWN

DOWN platform looking UP

General Motors looking UP

DOWN platform looking UP from DOWN end

entrance to former factory from footbridge

View of station building on UP platform from footbridge

View of station building on DOWN platform from footbridge

General Motors looking UP from footbridge

Station building on DOWN platform

General Motors Looking DOWN beyond footbridge

Passenger Shelter on DOWN platform

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