Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach Station was at one time the terminus of the Sandringham Railway with the line later extended an extra two stops to Sandringham. There are three platforms at Brighton Beach with two allowing through movements to Sandringham and the other serving as a terminus. There are also a number of sidings adjacent to the terminating platform. Neither the sidings or the terminating platform are currently in use as all passenger trains run through to Sandringham. The station contains a large brick building on the island platform which is manned and also a small building on the DOWN platform. An unusual feature of this station is that the through tracks run on a sharp curve through the station. There are also pedestrian entrances at each end of the station


Island platform looking DOWN from pedestrian overpass at UP end of station

Brighton Beach sidings and terminating platform looking DOWN

Entrance to main station building

Signal box at DOWN end of station looking DOWN

DOWN platform station building

Brighton Beach Station looking DOWN

Brighton Beach through tracks looking DOWN

Brighton Beach terminating tracks looking DOWN

Brighton Beach through tracks looking DOWN close up

UP end of station looking UP

Brighton Beach Platform 1 looking DOWN

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