Horsham Station is used both as an intermodal freight terminal and is also an unmanned passenger station for the Overland service between Melbourne and Adelaide which runs 3 days per week in each direction. In 2006 some minor improvements were made to the station building including a new bus shelter and purple VicLink signing to coincide with the Overland changing from an overnight to a daylight service.


Front of station building looking DOWN (2004)

Looking UP along Horsham platform (2004)

Horsham goods shed looking UP (2004)

Horsham Station looking UP (2004)

Looking UP beneath verandah (2004)

Horsham Station sign (2004)

Horsham goods shed looking DOWN (2004)

Horsham platform looking DOWN (2004)

Horsham station building looking DOWN (2004)

Looking DOWN beneath verandah (2004)

Freight area at DOWN end of Station looking DOWN (2004)

Front of station(2007)

Bus Shelter (2007)

Bus Shelter (2007)

Front of station(2007)

Horsham platform looking Down (2007)

Front of station showing landscaping (2007)

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