After a long period of only being used for grain loading, in 2006 Nhill Station was reopened to passenger use, with the Overland passenger train stopping here 3 times per week in each direction as part of its daytime service. The platform, station building and signage was upgraded in preparation for the reopening.


Nhill platform looking UP (2004)

Nhill station building looking DOWN (2004)

Nhill goods shed looking DOWN (2004)

Looking DOWN along Nhill platform (2004)

Nhill station building looking UP (2004)

Looking UP along Nhill platform (2004)

Nhill Station looking UP (2004)

Front of Nhill Station building (2004)

Tracks at front of station building looking DOWN (2004)

Front of station building looking DOWN (2004)

UP end of platform looking UP (2004)

Front of station building (2007)

Front of station building with silo at Up end(2007)

Down end of platform looking Down (2007)

Nhill Station building looking Up (2007)

Beneath platform verandah looking Down (2007)

Station signage at Down end level crossing (2007)

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