St Kilda Line

The St Kilda Line was one of the earliest railways to be constructed in Victoria. Originally constructed as a private railway it commenced at Flinders Street crossing the Yarra River at the Sandridge Bridge and branched from the Port Melbourne Railway in South Melbourne.

For a short time early in the lines history there was a short connection provided to the then Brighton Line at Windsor from St Kilda, however this link was removed shortly after the direct link was provided to Brighton from Richmond.

The St Kilda Line was closed in 1987 and all but a short section was converted to light rail and became operated by trams. The track was converted to standard gauge and although all the former stations remained, new platforms were constructed at a lower level to be compatable with trams.

The section of track that was removed was the section between FLinders Street Station and Clarendon Street. This includes the track over the Sandridge Bridge, with the bridge sitting vacant for over 15 years the bridge and is only now to be converted to a pedestrian link/ A viaduct between the Sandridge Bridge and Clarendon Street as well as the bridge over Clarendon Street were contraversially demolished before any consultation occurred with the public. The Crown Casino now stands where this section of the track once stood.


South Melbourne Station

Albert Park Station

Middle Park Station

St Kilda Station




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