Numurkah was once a busy station which boasted a busy passenger terminal, freight yard and even a turntable. It was also once the junction of the former line to Picola. Since 1993 the station has been closed to passenger traffic and the station building windows boarded up. The turntable is disconected and overgrown. The pedestrian footbridge and the siding to the grain silo still remain as does the brick station building and passenger platform which still even retains some seating.


View of station building from former yard

Numurkah platform looking DOWN

Numurkah station looking DOWN

Former passenger waiting area looking DOWN

Former signal box looking UP

Numurkah station looking UP

Track through Numurkah station looking UP

Numurkah siding looking UP

Numurkah turntable

Numurkah station and footbridge viewed from former freight area

Numurkah station grounds as viewed from carpark

Numurkah footbridge looking UP

Numurkah silo looking UP

View of station building from former yard

Closeup view of outdoor passenger seating

View of station platform from footbridge looking UP

View of Numurkah station from footbridge looking UP

Front entrnace to Numurkah station

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