Roxburgh Park

Roxburgh Park is a new station which opened on the Wodonga Line as part of the extended suburban electrified service through to Craigieburn in 2007. The station is located at the former site of Somerton Station which existed many years earlier as the terminus for a railmotor service from Fawkner.

The new Roxburgh Park station is unmanned and has access via an overpass with ramps although provision has been made for a future lift to the island platform. A number of freight sidings exist on the eastern side of the station.

The former Somerton Road level crossing was replaced with a road overpass at the Up end of the station in 2007. On the Up side of this overpass is the junction to the rarely used unelectrified branch line which connects to the Upfield suburban line. This is occasionally used to access sidings located nearby the Ford motor company plant. A former signal box located on the Up side of the overpass was removed in 2007.

2002 Photos 2008 Photos

Former Somerton signal box looking UP

Roxburgh Park Station looking Up

Upfield branch diverging to left of photo

Main access to Roxburgh Park Station

Looking UP from Somerton Road

Roxburgh Park Station looking Down

Freight sidings looking Down

Roxburgh Park Station looking Down

vacant Roxburgh Park station site

Up platform looking Up

Down platform looking Down

Down platform looking Up

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