At the beginning of 2008 Mildura Railway Station contains a passenger platform and a manned station building however this has not been used for rail passengers since 1993 when the Vinelander service was withdrawn by the Kennett Government. Despite it being promised to reintroduce passenger services by the subsequent Bracks Government in 1999, this never eventuated. Instead the front of the building was upgraded to function as a bus terminal.

A yard and Freightgate facility ceased being used in 2008 following the withdrawel of Freightgates across Victoria. The yard and Freightgate facility are to be removed in 2008 as part of a proposal to further open up the waterfront to the Mildura town centre.


Looking towards station from Walnut St (2008)

Mildura Station looking Down (2008)

Passenger platform looking Down (2008)

Freightgate looking Down (2008)

Looking Down from freightgate (2008)

Passenger platform looking Up (2008)

Freightgate sign (2008)

Looking Up along platform (2008)

Down end of station (2008)

Sheltered waiting area looking Down (2008)

Freight shed and office looking Down (2008)

Looking Down along platform (2008)

Down end of platform (2008)

Freightgate looking Up (2008)

Station entrance(2008)

Mildura Station looking Down from pedestrian bridge (2008)

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