Glen Waverley Line

The first section of the Glen Waverley Line was built in the late 1800s as part of the Outer Circle Railway development. This first section provided a link between Burnley on the Healesville Railway to Waverley Road on the Outer Circle Line. Although the line initially closed with the Outer Circle Railway in the 1890s, the section between Burnley and Darling was soon reopened and later extended to Glen Waverley. The track was removed between Darling and Waverley Road.

The Glen Waverley Line is now part of the electrified suburban system operated by Connex. Although there have been plans in the past past that the line may be extended to Knox or to Rowville, the line currently terminates well short of the suburban limits and any extension of the line would be costly due to the extent of tunnelling which would be involved.


Heyington Station

Kooyong Station

Tooronga Station

Gardiner Station

Glen Iris Station

Darling Station

East_Malvern Station

Holmesglen Station

Jordanville Station

Mount Waverley Station

Syndal Station

Glen_Waverley Station


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