Yungera Line

The Yungera Line provides the longest passenger rail service which currently operates entirely within the State of Victoria between Melbourne and Swan Hill. The service is operated by V/Line Passenger with intermediate stops north of Bendigo at Eaglehawk, Dingee, Pyramid and Kerang.

To the north of Swan Hill, the line continues to Piangil to serve a number of grain silos. Beyond Piangil the line has been removed although a number of grain silos still exist that are served by road.

The Piangil track is Broad Guage and the present State Government has no plans to change this which has the potential to leave this line isolated from much of the remaining intrastate network if the proposed guage standardisation program is to proceed.


Eaglehawk Station

Dingee Station

Pyramid Station

Kerang Station

Lake_Boga Station

Swan_Hill Station

Piangil Station

Coonimur Station

Natya Station

Kooloonong Station

Yungera Station


Further info on station and along with line
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