Geelong-Ballarat Line

The Geelong-Ballarat Line was one of the first main lines constructed in Victoria and as such was constructed to a high standard with double track and large bluestone stations. However expected levels of traffic on this line never eventuated and the line was replaced with single track with only a few crossing loops remaining. All the intermediate stations were closed to passenger traffic by the end of the 1980s leaving many of the now heritage listed bluestone station buildings leased into private hands. The main use of this line today is to transport grain from the north western parts of the state to the Port of Geelong. The line was due to be converted to standard gauge during 2003 but this has now been delayed.


Moorabool Station

Gheringhap Station

Bannockburn Station

Lethbridge Station

Meredith Station

Elaine Station

Lal Lal Station

Yendon Station

Navigator Station


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